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Enter to Learn, go forth to Serve Education

Brigham Young University
Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Marriot School of Business
Expected Graduation: April, 2022
Provo, UT, USA

a photo of sign stating Brigham Young University.

Work Hard, Stay Humble Work Experience


Current Position: Trainer and Lead Content Creator

Ringbird is a priemer service in offering virtual reception work for hundreds of law firms. I have worked at Ringbird for over a year and assited growth from 15 agents to near 100. I train new employees on the fundamentals of taking calls. Each week I am responsible for creating company wide training content.

Filevine is the best law practice management software. My work with Filevine has developed key experiences in customer success and retention.

a logo of the company Ringbird. a logo of the company Filevine.

The opposite of Fear is Knowledge Skills

Buisness Related

  1. Proficent in SQL
  2. Knowledagble in CSS and HTML
  3. Sales Experience
  4. Ability to Lead and direct a team
  • Enactus - students using buisness to combat poverty
  • Marketing Association of BYU

Begin the Adventure Find Me

  • Name: Dustin A Leonard
  • Phone Number: 928-706-5738
  • Email Address: dustinleonardx@gmail.com